River Gauges!

Thankfully some of the rivers around Ireland have water level gauges. This takes out a lot of guess work and almost eliminates the age old question that every kayaker asks- "Do you think Tuam/Boluisce/Glens/other badass rivers are up?"

Here are links to some of the club's 'go-to' spots around the country as well as some useful links to hunt down other rivers that aren't on the list.

Irish water level A website to all the current gauges around Ireland
River Spy A website built around paddlers using waterlevel.ie's gauges and noting popular rivers around Ireland

Water Level Link Water Level Week Water Level Two Days
Aaslegh Falls

Galway high/low tide times - if there is data here:
  • Beware of hitting your head on the bridge for high tides
  • Oranmore/Clifden could be up for high tides
  • Rapids may be up for low tides

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