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Re: << $$$ SWIMMERS File $$$ >>

Postby willhurley1 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 2:47 pm

Name if swimmer: William Hurley
location:Hogs Back falls, Ottawa
Shitty excuse: I boofed the waterfall, went trought he first hole below fine, going through the second hole messed up and went into the curtain of the double drop on the side of the drop.

real excuse: I just really suck at kayaking

emotional issues: Feeling shitty that my last lap ended up in a swim, and that i couldn't roll. Also the bootie beer tasted funky. Wash your gear people.

persons owing pints: CJ and Marc Godbout, two Canadians Bud.
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Re: << $$$ SWIMMERS File $$$ >>

Postby willhurley1 » Wed Jan 06, 2016 12:57 am

Name if swimmer: William Hurley
location: Roughty high water, right channel of second last rapid, only there at high water
Shitty excuse: I capsized got pinned pulled my deck cause I am like swimming, thinking of doing it professionally

real excuse: After not seeing Aran for a long time i couldnt take my eyes off him, its good that i wasnt driving.

emotional issues: I cant believe I swam in front of Aran shit!!! ;-( Also kinda pissed off with a high swim count this year.

persons owing pints: Not sure some irish pricks like.

Beer bootie done at the take out.
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Re: << $$$ SWIMMERS File $$$ >>

Postby Staples » Mon May 02, 2016 1:51 pm

Name of swimmer: Ronan Stapleton

Date: 2/May/2016

Location: lower clydagh, 3rd step of the "7 steps" medium highish flow

Shitty excuse: kayaking gets boring if you're not one with the water every now and again.

Real excuse: I'm a bitch!!!

Emotional issues arising: I swam. And pulled my deck as opposed to it being ripped off.

Specific learning outcomes: continuous ledge drops need speed to go down, don't go into them thinking you'll Eddie catch at each.

Persons requiring rescue pints: self rescued, so that means I'm class right? (Someone else may have gotten my paddles, but don't know who)
Ronan Stapleton

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Re: << $$$ SWIMMERS File $$$ >>

Postby l.whelan11 » Mon May 02, 2016 10:10 pm

Name of swimmer: Luke Whelan

Date: 2/May/2016

Location: Lower Clydagh, "7 steps" rapid

Shitty excuse: was trying to help Staples by not boofing on top of him

Real excuse: I forgot to boof

Emotional issues arising: giving up kayaking 4 lyf

Specific learning outcomes: Folan pointed out that we should start a whitewater swimming club in the college

Persons requiring rescue pints: I think the boat sat on a rock at the bottom and laughed at me but Barry, Artur and Lucien kept an eye on my gear anyway!
Luke Whelan

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Re: << $$$ SWIMMERS File $$$ >>

Postby AndrewR » Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:36 pm

Name: Andrew Regan
Date: Sometime in July
Location: Ohanepecosh River Central Washington State
Shitty excuse: The Upper section was dog low, coming around the corner there was a slot drop. Not wanting to drop into the slot I boofed the centre rock to avoid the slot. Turns out there was a smaller fuck you rock after the main rock which flipped me into the wall creating the slot. I was completely wedged between the fuck you rock and the wall and couldnt move. Pulled my deck and floated into the calm pool below the drop.
Emotional Issues arising from the event: Laughing
Persons requiring rescue pints: my friends 50 year old dad...
Swim Bootie Y/N (Evidence) Not yet actually.... I forgot

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Re: << $$$ SWIMMERS File $$$ >>

Postby Cathal Kelly » Sat Mar 18, 2017 2:08 pm

Name of Swimmer: Cathal Kelly
Date: 17th March 2017
Location: Shranalong
Shitty Excuse: Second lap of the day. Hit a rock in the run in to one of the drops, didn't bother picking up any speed afterwards and penciled the drop, had a fight with the wall and swam like a little bitch.
Real Excuse: I saw Aran's paddles in the eddy so I had to get them
Emotional Issues arising from this event: I hadn't gone for a dip since March 2010 so I was pretty happy to break the streak.
Persons requiring rescue pints: Lucien
Bootie Beer: Done at the take-out :D
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Re: << $$$ SWIMMERS File $$$ >>

Postby Fergal.Staples1 » Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:32 am

Time to write up some swims from the Alps
Name of Swimmer: Fergal Stapleton
Date: 24 May 2017
Location: Soča River Slovenia
Shitty Excuse: Don't let your dreams stay dreams, if you want to Rock Splat a nomad, you rock splat a nomad. I did.
Real Excuse: Hit a boulder dead on tried to lean around it, somehow ended up vertical sliding around it. Aran can testify to my shocked expression. Capsized, thought there was an undercut so pulled out like a bitch.
[b]Emotional Issues arising from this event: None really, kinda good to know alpine water wasn't as cold as I had been warned
[b]Persons requiring rescue pints[/b]: Aran I suppose
Bootie Beer: Done that evening, evidence is on Facebook

Name of Swimmer: Fergal Stapleton
Date: 30 May 2017
Location: Sermenza Italy
Shitty Excuse: Don't really have one
Real Excuse: Kinda mank double S bend rapid, hit a submerged rock on the last bend, capsized. Was setting up for a role when three fingers were unceremoniously crushed between my boat and a rock. Lost paddle and kinda had no choice but to pull out.
Emotional Issues arising from this event: Kinda pissed off with how I couldn't paddle for a few days and it being mid trip was a bit disheartening. Easy rapids become good craic with one hand though!
Persons requiring rescue pints: Big shoutout to Rob, Luke and Will. They were really good at handling the situation so I owe them all a beer.
Bootie Beer: Vaguely remember doing one that night...

I had a few more swims but nothing really memorable. I guess the things I (and maybe others) can take from any of the swims is not to panic straight away. Take a mental second or two to calm yourself and set up for a roll, don't rush things and you'll be grand. Did learn a lot though!

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